Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 6 - Darren Kreps

Darren's story isn't just about Darren.  

It's about his birth parents, who placed him in the waiting room of a Shenzhen City hospital, leaving a note indicating his birth date and that "We hope the kind people will keep him."  Perhaps they knew about his congenital heart condition that without intervention would shorten his life drastically.  Perhaps they were unable to care for him and were faced with the unfathomable decision to either embrace him with love as he slowly died or give him up forever in hopes that "the kind people" might be able to save his life.  We don't know for sure, we only know that by leaving him in that hospital waiting room they didn't abandon him to die, but to live.

It's about the forever mother on the other side of the world, who'd known the blessings of seven children already but was mourning the loss of one of them the previous year.  If that loss hadn't happened, perhaps she never would have discovered Darren's story on the blog of a concerned advocate and been moved to take action. 
It's about the orphanage in China that took him in, where he joined hundreds of other children under their daily care.

It's about the doctors in the U.S. that reviewed his medical records, said he appeared operable, and wrote expedite requests to get him here for surgery as soon as possible.

It's about the friends, family, and even strangers who poured out their prayers, encouragement, time, effort, and financial support to overcome the considerable costs and requirements needed to complete the adoption.

It's about the 13-year-old daughter who traveled across the world with her mother to be there with her side-by-side, to embrace him, and to help bring him home.

It's about his forever family at home eagerly awaiting the return of their loved ones and new brother.

It's about the grandparents who lovingly re-arranged their lives to care for more grandchildren than they ever bargained for.

It's about the medical staff who in simply performing their daily routines became among the most important people in the world to us.

It's even about the employer and insurance that made the coverage of his extraordinary medical needs possible.

It's about the families that completed this journey before us, whose experience and wisdom have provided hope and insight with each new challenge.

It's about the heart-breakingly countless other children like Darren throughout the world, in orphanages, on the streets, broken, forgotten, ignored, or unknown.  

More than anything, it's about the Eternal Father, who offers to adopt us all into his family through Jesus Christ, who provides more than hope that those discarded as burdensome by the world will be kings and queens in heaven, who has expressed over and over again his love for orphans and the fatherless and extends to us the privilege of participating in his kingdom by sharing in their lives.

Darren's story isn't just about Darren, but it is also about Darren.  It's about the remarkable transition he has made to life in a new family, a new country, a new language, and being suddenly surrounded by strange looking people.  It's about the constant comfort he relishes being in his mother's arms as often as possible as if making up for lost time.  It's about how he plays games, tags along, and is silly and sassy with his new siblings, seamlessly fitting in as if they've always been together.  It's about his delightful laughter when flinging himself headlong into his dad in a wrestling takedown.  It's about how he always has some sort of toy, gadget, or bottle of water in each hand, thrilled to finally have something to call his own. 

Darren's story is about love, and we are so grateful to be a part of it.

Today, February 6,  Darren is undergoing his life saving heart surgery. This will correct his TGA (transposition of the great arteries), PDA, VSD, and pulmonary atresia. Please join our family as we pray for Darren, the doctors/nurses, and our kids at home.



Lisa said...

Simply beautiful:) Praying for Darren and his new, improved heart. Thank you for sharing your faith-filled story, Sandy and Erik.

LaKasha Strickland said...

Yes it is about all those things and each as precious and beautiful as him. We all stand together in pray this day (his featured day) as he get a new working heart. Praise our eternally Father that he loves these fatherless as he does and uses us as he does! Sending love you ....God bless Darren's heart, life and family

Elaine said...

Beautiful...the post, your family and your heart! Thanks for sharing it! Praying for sweet Darren on this special day of getting a "new" heart.

Drea said...

Just wonderful! I have enjoyed following Darren's progress through surgery and recovery, and look forward to watching him continue to thrive!

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