Monday, February 17, 2014

Day 17 - Wu Chen Ding

Our wee miracle...she is truly a blessing.

Does anyone wish for a child with a medical condition?  With delays? With attachment issues?  I can honestly say, we didn't think we would!  We had adopted our oldest, in 2004.  China’s program seemed like a good one, and we ended up having a beautiful, on target, fourteen month old, placed in our arms...we were truly happy.  Until, she got a little older...I thought she needed a sibling.  I had two older brothers.  When I needed to, I can call them and complain about our parents, kids, you name it...I thought our daughter needed the same experience.

Our paperwork was sent to China in 2007...and it sat, and sat...I was getting upset...our daughter was getting older, and older...In 2010, we switched agencies, and decided to adopt a child with a medical condition...but, what could we handle?  We don’t have medical paying for medicine, would have to be taken into severe?  I am one that can cry over seeing a cut and seeing how cruel kids can be...I worried for our child being picked on...This might be tricky...We eventually decided heart (kids wouldn't see a scar, unless a shirt was off...hmm, this could work!). 

In 2007, a baby girl, eight months old was left in front of the gates , of the Social Welfare Institute...very ill, very tiny and probably very scared.  She weighed almost the same amount as a newborn.  It took a long time, over two years, to be able to get enough weight on her, and get her somewhat healthy, to be able to have heart surgery.  Finally, a little over two years old, she had her heart repaired (ASD and VSD with PH).
In the spring of 2010, we received an email, asking if we would like to adopt a soon to be three year old...We had forty eight hours to decide...trying to find someone to look at her file was insane..Was I scared, you bet!  We finally, in the final hours, found two doctors, willing to look at her file.  While, they could agree, that it seemed okay on is nothing like seeing a person in real life...hubby decided that we should take a we did..

One of the first photos of our daughter... 

We flew to China in September of 2010...not knowing what to was a tiny three year old, who could barely walk....looked like she hadn't been fed in a broke my heart.  What should we do?  Hubby said “we take care of her...she needs someone”...but, she really didn't want us...she screamed, bit, scratched, hit...we knew we had a fighter on our hands...we knew, she could overcome anything!

The first year home was a blur.  Attachment was horrible.  She was shopping for new parents, she was so much like a baby than a three-four year old...many doctor’s appointments.  She disliked every single one of them.  She would scream and cry.  I can only imagine how this wee one fought for everything.

Her heart, according to doctors, seemed to need a couple of tweaks...but most likely, when she is older.  We hope that, by then, medical breakthroughs happen, and there will be less evasive procedures out there for heart patients.

Three years later, our tiny, mighty, feisty child, is also an outgoing, loving child.  She has delays...not sure what caused them...we will keep working and fighting...never giving up on her and her potential.  At six, she has already decided to become a help others who are sick...she already has a boyfriend (whom she is going to marry and have four children...on a Tuesday, so I have been told!). She is a joy to everyone who meets her.

Looking back on this roller coaster ride...she was worth the wait and challenges...I wouldn't change anything!


proud Mommy to two beautiful girls from China


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