Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day 25 - Tommy

Thankfully we have enjoyed a fairly quiet year medically for Tommy.  He is on medications to slow down the rate of heart failure. He can breathe on his own. His saturation levels stay fairly stable in the mid 90’s when he is inactive, but will dip with activity. He is very low energy. The doctors have taken him off of one of his heart medications to see if his energy levels would improve and they did a bit. They have told us he is most likely at his top energy level. He currently goes to kindergarten one morning a week; we are going to try for a couple more days a week with the next school year.  He will have a full time Para-educator with him at all times when he is in school. If he maintains this level of stability he will be able to go to four months between cardiology visits and then maybe six months.  We have so much to be thankful for.

We focus on what we can do.

He loves to go swimming.  

He is the best little ring bearer. 

He really loves swimming 

He loves the beach. 

He loves the park. 

He loves to eat berries. 

He is an absolutely wonderful little guy. His smile is constant and huge. Our lives have been richly blessed by our son. Yes, there are lots of unknowns with his health. We are thankful for and appreciate each and every moment. 



Drea said...

And he is an awesome friend to Rini! What a precious gem he is!

joan said...

Ruthanna loves swimming too. Love reading how he is doing. Thanks for updates.

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