Sunday, February 9, 2014

Day 9 - Olivia Yue

I have read so many of your blogs, these beautiful stories that have been weaved together by our God himself! They bring tears to my eyes & make my heart so full of hope!  But never in a million years did I think our story would be one of them, it all feels so surreal! 

We didn't start off with adopting a child with CHD...& to be honest I never planned to.  I was terrified at the mention of any sort of Heart Defect.  We started our journey in December 2013 when we saw our daughter Vivian Grace Fei for the first time, she had been diagnosed with severe Hydrocephalus. That in itself scared me, but her condition seems to actually be quite mild. She runs & walks fine, talks & can point us out in pictures by name...  We never had to fill out a check list like most do, because God showed her to us before we had even started anything!

As our adoption of Vivi went on we have sent lots of carepackages, & to our surprise her Orphanage has sent a ton of pictures & videos! 

One of the first sets of pictures was of the children eating a cake we sent. In these pictures, right beside our Vivi was an adorable little girl with bluish lips.  Now I know nothing about Heart stuff but I remember telling my husband I bet that little girl has a heart defect.

She stayed on my heart for months! Till I finally sat down with my husband, I told him I felt as if God needed us to pray for her & we agreed that every time we would pray for Vivi that we would also pray for this little angel! 

Vivi's birthday was in October so we sent another cake & some treats & of course we got heart warning pictures back!  Sitting with Vivi again was this gorgeous little angel with bluish lips.. That was it, I had to know what her name was & what her condition was!  She was so heavy on my heart it hurt!  Adoption wasn't what I thought God was leading us to with her though, we thought we were just supposed to pray for her & possibly advocate for her!  God had other plans...oh boy did he have other plans!

We were told she had Tetralogy of Fallot (I had no clue what that was nor how to say it) & that she wasn't even paper ready. The orphanage wasn't planning on getting her paper ready till after heart surgery... The next week I found out she was sent to Beijing but was sent back. They had refused to do her surgery!  My heart broke for her...where does that leave her? How will her family find her? How is she going to survive??

Then another question was asked...'we can request the orphanage to get her paper ready if you are wanting to add her to your adoption?'


This isn't part of 'our' plan!!  I was a wreck! I cried because I was scared, this little girl had stolen my heart while hers was barely hanging on!!  We had been praying so hard for her forever family to find her....I never thought it could be us!  I didn't want this to be my decision...the same with Vivi, but letting go & giving it to God has always been so hard for me. But I did!  He very clearly showed us that Sheng Yue, soon to be Olivia Joyce Yue, is our daughter!! 

Her file was prepared & sent to us quite quickly, Praise God!  Unfortunately there is no other info on her condition besides a diagnosis of TOF... no blood work no oxygen counts...we are in the dark! All we have are pictures with her precious blue lips & blue finger tips. So now we wait, pray & find a doctor who is willing to talk to us! 

We just got LSC for our Vivian & PreAppoval for Olivia...hoping & praying to travel in May-July! 
I know we have a very difficult journey ahead of us & I can't pretend to be strong enough to handle some things may be coming...but I know my God is, he will strengthen each of us through it all!

{Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight.}

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Drea said...

Welcome aboard! Your beautiful CHD daughter will change your life is many unexpected ways!

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