Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Day 10 - Sarah Elizabeth & Braxton Jeremiah Guy

This is a story of sacred connections that were weaved together to make our family who it is today!

 We adopted our daughter Sarah in May 2012.  She was our third child, but first through adoption.  We were nervous and uncertain of her condition when we were going through the process.  When we received the referral (January 2013) the diagnosis from China was ToF, however after consulting with our cardiologist he prepared us that there were contradictions in the file and it could be single ventricle.  Her oxygen sats were in the 50’s and we were able to expedite to get her home just a couple months after referral.  Late February our adoption agency called and said that Love Without Boundaries had raised money for her to have surgery in China and wanted to know if we wanted them to proceed or wait until she was home in the US.  We made the decision to wait until she was home in the US and was able to make contact with the someone from LWB.  The money raised was reallocated to a little 10 week old boy, Braxton that was very sick.  The nannies were worried that he would not even make it to the hospital.  We were blessed enough to be able to get pictures right before and after his life saving surgery.

In May we brought our sweet Sarah home with blue lips, fingers and toes.  The doctors were amazed at how well she could function with sats so low.  She came home late May, had a heart cath 1st week of June and Glenn procedure on June 6th.  A little girl that did not understand the language and had just been pulled out of everything she knew, she breezed through the surgery and recovered within a couple of days.  We continue to be amazed at how God can work in these little kids’ lives.  Through the surgery and recovery I continued to think and pray for the little boy who was also able to have surgery and prayed he was doing just as well.  I reached out to the LWB contacts and continued to check on him and wanted to help advocate to find him a home.  We were told that he was not expected to survive and they would not be putting him up for adoption.  This just broke my heart, I know the care that these babies take and how love can heal so many things beyond the disease. 

The next time I checked in on him I was told if a family committed to adopt him they may be able to get his paperwork completed.  As my husband and I laid in bed  and prayed for this little guy to not have to lay there and die with no one fighting for him, helping him, at least giving him a chance…  God answered that prayer…I just was not quite prepared for it being us!  We made the commitment and were successful in expediting the process to get him home rather quickly.

While waiting to bring him home Sarah had her Fontan and again did so well!  God has protected this little girl in amazing ways and to watch her recover and amaze the doctors was just a testimony for Him.

In November we traveled to China again to get Braxton.  My heart ached as I held this incredibly fragile child, he was blue like Sarah – but that’s about where the similarities stopped.  He was almost 2 years old and had no strength.  He was unable to roll over, sit up, crawl, or even know how to put food in his mouth.  It was worse than I expected, but determined that we were going to be able to get him the care he needed.  After returning home we had doctor appt. after doctor appointment (week after week).  The day of his heart cath the doctor came in and explained that there was a very good chance that there would be nothing they could do.  His pressures were most likely too high in his lungs and putting him on the heart/lung transplant list would be very unlikely.  Nothing like knocking the wind out of you, we prayed while he was back and sat in silence and just were not sure what to think of this information.  After the cath the doctor came in and explained that it was better than he expected and he thought Braxton would be able to have surgery.  Yes! We knew God has such great plans for this guy!  Over the next couple of months we continued to see doctor after doctor – neurologist, cardiologist, nutritionist, hematologist, physical therapist. Surgery was put off for a little while because it was critical for him to gain weight and get stronger.  We watched this little boy learn to sit up, scoot on his bottom, ride on his motorcycle and push it backwards through the house.  So amazing to see him grow and thrive!  Surgery was scheduled for March 11th 2014.  We woke him up super early, loaded up the car and headed to the hospital – having no idea of what the next days would hold.  The surgery took an excruciating 8 hours and we were so relieved to see the surgeon come out and say that he did pretty good, came off the heart lung machine with no issues, etc..  Whew…we were shortly able to go see him in ICU.  Within hours we knew it was going to be a long struggle, while he had gained a couple pounds, he was getting stronger everyday he little body was still fragile and weak.  As his body struggled to accept the new flow of blood and his lungs able to adjust he body just continued to reject.  At 2:55 am on March 12th this sweet child was face to face with Christ.  While I know he loved having a family, how can we compete with that? The pain was/is real, this was my child, even if we only had him physically for 4 months I know that God had it in his plans from the beginning that he would be ours.  I can question why, I can be mad – but I know there was a plan and I am so very thankful for the time I had him as a son and that he did not die alone, he did not die an orphan.  He knew the love of a mother and father, brother and sisters and grandparents.

People ask (mostly behind out backs), why would you adopt a child so sick?  Why not adopt a healthy child?  After having one heart child that requires so much why would go get another one, even sicker?
Well, the reason people don’t frequently ask you to your face is because the answer is hard, we do it be obedient to the call of Christ.  To show love to the least of these, these children deserve a home, mother, father, love. The same love that is shown to us, we are called to love others.  My older biological children have seen and been part of showing this love and feeling the pain of loving.  They love adoption, they get it!


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Angie, my thoughts had turned to you several nights ago, as I wondered how you were doing. Thank you for posting your family's story. You know that there are many who do understand.

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