Monday, February 16, 2015

Day 16 - Olivia Kamplain

Trust & Reliance.

Trusting in a loving healing, good God, Relying on His precious plan is what we have learned & are still learning!

Last year we were still in the process of adding Olivia & trying to bring her home. Surrounded by so much uncertainty & the unknown..

Before bringing Olivia home we sent her medical file to an International Adoption Specialist who told us she was absolutely inoperable. This was crushing, but we accepted it knowing our God had a plan & no matter what the outcome we would praise Him!

We physical became a family on June 30. We immediately started checking her O2 which constantly read in the 50's...

We were corresponding with the Doctors & International Adoption Specialist who would be treating her the moment we returned to the U.S....& at this point while in Hong Kong waiting to fly home we were told by them it would be better to leave her in China...

In our minds & hearts this was not an option! How could someone ask you to leave your child to never have the opportunity to know the unconditional love of a family!? 

We were told she could die on the flight home... 

We prayed all night till our flight the next morning...

If our daughter were to die on the way home how would we ever forgive ourselves for that decision....but if we leave her to die in an orphanage  how will she ever know she is loved...

What a decision...

We got on the plane!

During the flight her O2 stayed in the 70's!!

Miracle? Yes! From a mighty loving God!

Olivia is so sassy {that is the nice way to say bossy..isn't it?} So full of personality & laughter! She loves to nurture others! She definitely loves to get her husband likes to say she is exactly like her Mother!

But she is so much more, she speaks of God & Jesus as if she has always known & prays for friends still at the orphanage. 

Our girl is a lover & a absolutely miracle.

We are now awaiting an appointment in April at Stanford & it is believed that our miracle girl will be able to have a full repair if the pressures in her lungs is still low...Surgery is scheduled for April 15!

I dont know what our future as a family holds, or what Olivia's future holds...but I do know God is working. He continues to guide us & hold us so close in His arms!

Sometimes I feel like Peter jumping out of the boat to walk over to the waves beside me rise & fall I get scared, distracted & feel so uncertain....I  just have to refocus & look at the one holding my Olivia in His arms!

I ask for your prayers as we continue this life changing journey that God is leading us on & we welcome you to follow along!


Andrea O. said...

What beautiful words to convey your daughter's amazing journey! Thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

Thank you for being willing to trust God regardless of the outcome...for being reckless in your love of this precious girl. Thank you for giving us a peek into God's story in you.

LisaE. said...

I have enjoyed following your story. Praying that all goes well in Stanford. I know you don't need a thank you for bringing her home but I'm still going say it. Thank you for giving her the love of a family.

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