Friday, February 20, 2015

Day 20 - Brighton Mae Berry

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When we set out to adopt a special needs child from china I have to be honest that heart issues was not something we felt comfortable with- frankly, it scared me. It turned out our first adoption was to be a precious boy. Soon after bringing him home we knew we were being called back to china, to open up our home and heart to anther child. Not long after we saw a little 7 year old girl on our agencies website. We knew she was ours. It just so happen she had a complex heart issue, but all of the sudden that didn't matter. She was ours, and If God was calling us to her then HE would take care of any fears we had.

Our daughter had her first heart surgery at age 2 in china. It was during or shortly after this life saving surgery she suffered a stroke. She spent the next 6 months in the hospital. I can’t imagine her being there without a momma by her side, can’t imagine the road she had to travel after leaving the hospital. Having to re-learn how to talk and walk. Having no use of her right arm and hand. All  without a momma.  See I cannot share about my daughter’s story without telling you what she overcame to get to us. Her condition after the surgery and stroke left her different yes. She was changed. Her story did not stop there.

Six years later a momma across the ocean would be scanning an adoption agency website and see a photo of this precious warrior, she would read her story and weep. She would watch her video of her on the orphanage playground and giggle at her pushing another kid down the slide, and she would see her struggle up the stairs and try so desperately to hold a ball with her weaker hand, so intent on making the nanny happy. This momma saw a girl that had waited way too long for a family, who had a long and scary medical file. This momma asked the Lord to help her step out in a way she never had before. 

The day we met our new daughter was filled with such joy. She came running to my arms yelling momma. It was soon after returning to the hotel when we noticed the labored breathing. I had never heard a child breathe like this before.  I honestly thought she was going to die, I know now that’s crazy but she scared me. I felt as if she was so fragile. It didn’t take me long to figure out NOTHING could stop this girl. She would “Squat” anytime she got tired and needed time to catch her breathe.  Now almost 9 months later, and compiling a list of 20 doctors and specialist that we now call “Team Momo” we know a lot more about our daughter. The number one phrase we hear from doctor after doctor is what a miracle she is. She literlly should not be able to do things that she is able to do.
Her heart for now is doing good, we go to her heart doctor every 3 months and one day the doctor will say “ok it’s time” and we will watch our daughter undergo yet another open heart surgery. But this time she will have her momma by her side. This time she will not be alone.

 I often place my hand over her heart, it beats in a way I have never felt before. It’s just different.
After adopting this jewel of a girl I can say with a big smile on my face WE are DIFFERENT too. 


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Beautiful girl. Beautiful story!!!!!

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