Monday, February 23, 2015

Day 23 - Sarah Moles

It is hard to believe that this July Sarah will have been home for five years. That scared, grief stricken 28 month old has turned into a brave, compassionate, and often sassy 7 year old. Sarah was born with a Tetrology of Fallot and received surgery in China when she was 10 months old. She is doing remarkably well.   

 Last summer we went to see the cardiologist and he was concerned that her right ventricle had enlarged more than he was comfortable with. In Sarah’s case her right ventricle enlarging would most likely be the result of her valves leaking. Both valves on the right side of Sarah’s heart are leaking. They immediately scheduled an MRI of her heart. This was a first for us. In the meantime they prepared us for the possibility of Sarah needing another open heart surgery or a heart cath. It was such a shock. Every time we had gone to the cardiologist before everything was fine.  The thought of her needing to have surgery was in the back of my mind every day. I couldn’t wait for the MRI. I prayed and prayed. I asked my family and friends to pray. I tried to talk myself into believing that it was all going to be okay. Finally the day had arrived. Sarah has a hard time with procedures. Getting her sedated was a battle; she had to be given extra sedation medication which made her recovery three times as long. The cardiology team said that we would get the results in the next few days. As we sat by Sarah’s bed watching her sleep, her cardiologist called. I held my breath as I heard the results. The doctor said that “the MRI painted a different picture of Sarah’s heart, “I was silent, I couldn’t respond, I just knew it wasn’t good news. Then I heard the wonderful news that “her heart looks so much better on the MRI and she doesn’t need any intervention at this time. We will see you in a year.” We were so relieved. God had blessed us abundantly AGAIN! Sarah will eventually have to have her valves replaced, but we are praying that won’t be for years to come.  

Sarah is in kindergarten again this year. She has adjusted well to all day school. She loves going, although she doesn’t like getting up so early. I wrote last year of her being diagnosed with 22q deletion which is a genetic syndrome. Learning difficulties can be one of the markers of the syndrome. Sarah has struggled in school this year, but with extra support she making so much progress. She is such a bright girl and she works so hard. Sarah still has speech therapy twice a week, but she is making such great strides. We will never know the root of Sarah’s issues. It is hard to distinguish between what is the results of her genetic disorder, the adoption, her delays, or if it is just who Sarah is. Of course, as her parents, we worry about her future. But we know that God has BIG plans for that fierce, beautiful little girl.

Sarah is so much more that a heart condition or a disorder. She is a beautiful, sweet, stubborn little girl who loves all things Frozen, plays Minecraft with her daddy, and is a Girl Scout, an animal lover, and loves creating things. Sometimes when she is sleeping, I put my hand in her chest and thank God for every beat of her wonderfully made heart.

Adoption is beautiful and messy and SO worth every moment. 


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