Friday, February 27, 2015

Day 27 - Bella Xin KaLare

Born October 28, 2010/Abandoned December 18, 2010/Found (by us) June 10, 2012/History CHD post/op (ASD & PS).Tumor removed from her right eye lid, congenital cataracts and Coloboma,of both eyes. /Adopted May 28, 2013/ Home forever June 6, 2013


To read from the beginning of Bella's journey read here 2013 and 2014.

Another 12 months have brought more happiness, tears, fights, joys, set backs and over-comings.

Bella is "amazing" to still have such a silliness in her spirit and go through still so many uncomfortable things.

We went in for a routine eye check up and found out that she had went blind in her other eye. We were not expecting this for much later. But we always try to roll with whatever comes. the first repair went so great we were very positive about regaining sight in this eye as well!!

Its time for surgery per-op day and a little fun play with big brother before morning.

The surgery went well and the Dr felt that he was able to have a successful repair and all we had to do was wait and watched how it healed.

It felt like it took so much longer. Unfortunately there were some  mis-communication about Bella's history with the nurses in recovery and they didn't come get us until after they woke her up. I am not sure how long she had been awake but by the time we got to her she was frantic. The experience for me was so much different from the eye surgery last summer. She didn't want me or seemed not to even know that she needed me for comfort. This time she seemed to need nothing but me.  She was so upset and not until the next few days at home did we understand just how much it did upset her.

We had to work through a major set back with her feeling that we were abandoning her, walking outside with the door open to take trash out, walking our of the room at home, getting out of the car first. She would have a total melt down and it took about three months of re-building for her to over come again. But we are blessed with her and the power of what love can always continue to do.

November!!! Orphan Sunday! We continue to allow Bella to be used to show others the reality of "one less' in this world and to bring hope and encouragement to them to go forward in any way they are lead. 

Bella's repaired heart is still holding it's own. We still continue to go for check ups every 6 months for echos along with that the specialist listens to the sounds of the two leakages she has. They measure and make sure that the damage it causes is not causing her heart to enlarge but we do know with the volume of the leaks that one day will come that we get a different check up report. Then we will move ahead in faith and we will do whatever it takes to help her led a full life ahead of her. 

She is for sure a typical CHD child and she has NO limits and can do anything and will overcome all. They all are amazing children and I thinking we as parents grow and overcome ourselves just as much because she is our daughter! 

Bella is a beautiful 4 year old now that loves hot wheel cars and princess crowns. She loves her weekly therapy and is so excited about the idea of going to school next year. 

(I pray it stays that way) 

She is obsessed right now with beads hanging from her bows!!

AND she holds my face everyday and tells me " mommy, your so beautiful! Bella, I'm a princess and your the queen. Your my best friend and you'll always be in my brave heart! " 
Yes baby girl and you will always have mommy's.


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