Thursday, February 11, 2016

Day 11 - Sarah Grace Moles

It is so hard to believe that Sarah is turning 8 next month. Where has the time gone? Every day being her mommy is a privilege. She is brave, sweet, smart, and so so sassy! Adopting Sarah and marrying my husband were the two best decisions I have ever made. Life with Sarah is a beautiful mess! Sarah was born with a Tetralogy of Fallot that was repaired in China before we adopted her. She is doing remarkably well. She has no restrictions and only sees her cardiologist once a year now.  Last summer, the cardiologist did prepare us for Sarah needing surgery in the next few years because two of her valves are leaking. We discussed all the possible options with the doctor. As he spoke I become so scared and sad for my lovely daughter who was sitting in the exam room playing My Little Pony with not a care in the world. The only concern she had was going to the park when we were done. Sarah is aware of her heart being “special,” but she doesn’t understand how medically complex she is. Sarah was diagnosed a few years ago with 22q deletion syndrome, a genetic disorder that is often seen with TOF children. Although the diagnosis was scary, we knew that Sarah was so much more than a diagnosis. She is just a happy, normal little girl that loves dancing, playing the piano, and all things Disney. Sarah struggled with school and her speech for many years, but this year she has finally caught up. She is in first grade and doing remarkable well. She is performing at grade level and only receives speech services through the school. She is taking piano lessons and is in the "movers club" at school.

I remember back when we received Sarah’s referral in January of 2010 and how scary it was to hear words like congenital heart defect, surgeries, delayed, genetic syndrome. There were moments that I thought to myself “no, we are not capable of parenting a child with all of these issues", but time and time again God whispered to me, “Go, I will make you capable!” and he has time and time again. I encourage anyone considering adopting a child with a CHD or a possible syndrome to not be afraid of those words. If Sarah’s last day on Earth was today, I would never regret saying “Yes!” Sarah has taught me so much about God, love, and who I am. Life with her is so much sweeter, joyful, and loud! Most days I don’t even think about her heart condition or genetic disorder. I just think of a beautiful, brown eyed girl who is a blessing to everyone she meets. I know that not everyone’s journey has been like ours. Some have been much easier, and some have been much more difficult. But all of them have been full of God’s presence, love, and commitment. I am honored and privileged to share Sarah’s story. She is simply amazing!


Andrea O. said...

Such joy in the photos! I had not heard Sarah's story before, and I thank you for sharing it!

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