Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Day 16 - Olivia Kamplain

We have had the pleasure of writing about our Olivia twice before in 28 Days of Heart & the fact that we are doing it once more overwhelms my heart with so much Joy!

As most heart Moms & Dads already understand, every single day with these kiddos is such a blessing.

Some days I forget...& for a little while she is just like everyone else. But lets be honest she isn't...none of these children are! I can't imagine going through the things that she has in her short little life & to see the Love & Strength she has is definitely all from God!

We traveled from New Mexico to Palo Alto, which I thought would be warmer, spent a few days taking Olivia to the beach. She made us promise she would get to see the ocean before her big surgery, then refused to even put her feet in!

So her Daddy set her down & when the cold waves hit her feet she turned, ran with frustration & we all couldn't stop laughing! She still gets mad if we talk about it! Such a big temper for such a little girl.

Olivia had her first Open Heart Surgery this last July 15th at Lucille Packard Children's Hospital with Dr Frank Hanley.

It was a 12hour surgery. The wait as most of you know is ridiculously stressful & every time that waiting room door opens your heart races! I sat there on the verge of tears the entire day while just talking to God & trying to keep the other kiddos entertained. 

Finally, at around 6 pm Dr Hanley came to talk with us & explain how things went...
He preformed a partial Unifocalization of her Left & Right Lung, placed two shunts, a 5mm & a 4mm in to increase her O2 saturation, but he wasn't able to do any repairs. As he spoke those words I kept a straight face just trying to stay focused but I was screaming & crying on the inside. 'I' wanted this to be it, all done, all fixed, no more surgery! But as always Our God has other plans & I am continually reminded of this.

Olivia's recovery was beautiful, completely guided by Gods hands! She was extremely happy & strong, after her breathing tube was out that is! 

She even celebrated her 6 birthday in the hospital where her Doctors ordered her a special cake & came in to sing to her!

After about a month in the hospital we were so overjoyed to finally be home & back to normal life. Back to adorable ballet classes, fun Sunday School with friends & of course Homeschool with the best teacher ever...if you ask me! 
She can run now, she has pink lips & fingers & now has O2 in the mid 70's! This alone is a miracle!! God's handy work has been so evident throughout this journey. 

As of now we will be leaving in 9 days, on the 24th, back to Gorgeous Palo Alto for a Catheterization to see how Olivia's little broken warrior heart is doing! 
We should have more to tell & also when her next surgery date will be by the 27th.
We are still Trusting, Relying & being filled with Hope through the one who is in control. It is so easy to allow the enemy to fill our hearts with fear & uncertainty but The Lord is continuously drawing us back to immeasurable Peace.

{Hope anchors the Soul}

Hebrews 6:19


Andrea O. said...

I remember how incredibly blue Olivia was, and what a joy it has been to see her health improve!

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