Saturday, February 20, 2016

Day 20 - Audrey Stout

I have known my entire life that I would one day adopt a little Asian girl. God put it in my heart when I was just a child.  It wasn’t until 3 years ago that he turned that tiny inkling in to a burning desire and we starting looking for her.  I had been receiving emails from our adoption agency regularly with bios and pictures of waiting kids in china but it wasn’t until late one Saturday night that I saw her face. I opened up an email fully expecting to glance at it and then hit delete when I saw her. Her name was Audrey. She was 4 years old and had a congenital heart defect. That’s all I knew that at moment and that’s all I needed. I immediately sent the email to my husband who was working 3rd shift. He answered right away with a simple “cute as a button lets go get her”.

I requested more info from our agency and tried to understand her condition as best I could. She was born with tetralogy of fallot and had surgery to repair it at around 1 year. She had some delays but other wise seemed fine. Little did we know God was just protecting us and giving us just enough info at the time. He knew just what we needed to say YES to this child and I’m so glad we did.

17 days after bringing her home we went to the cardiologist for a “checkup”. However… that checkup turned into a month long hospital stay. We found out that day that she was in heart failure and needed surgery immediately. Her heart was so bad that our doctors were not even sure how things would go.

But God knew…

She came through that surgery like a champ and never even needed the ecmo machine (which they told us she would). It was the coming days turned into weeks turned into months that were the hardest. Her heart had been so bad for so long that the rest of her body had no idea how to respond. CVICU became out new home.

I’m not going to lie…. it sucked. There were days when we wondered if she would ever open her eyes again but even in the midst of that I knew she was worth it. If she never walked out of that hospital again I knew… she was worth it all.

Looking back now I can see just how God was with us each step of the way. And more importantly how he was with Audrey. He kept her alive for 5 years while she waited for her family. He kept that desire burning in my heart until I found her.

People often say to me “you saved her life” but I can honestly say no, she saved mine. My faith is stronger than it has ever been. She has shown me what it means to be an overcomer. She is brave. She is mighty. She is stubborn as all get out and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. She is our daughter. God knew long before I ever did. He was just waiting on me to step out of the boat.

Don’t let the fear of the unknown keep you from saying yes to a child. God is bigger than all of it and all you have to do is trust him. 

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I have chills reading your beautiful story! Love!!

Kathleen Summers said...

Outstanding testimony to God's blessings!


Great story of faith & strength that God put upon your heart, she's definitely a blessing to your family & cute as a button.

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