Saturday, February 27, 2016

Day 27 - Bea & Beck

I can still remember our adoption agency telling us we didn’t qualify for the China program. After months of committing to pray for the entire world as a family and feeling the call to adopt, the Lord had directed us to China. 

Hadn't He? 

Little did we know then, that closed door would be the open door to our Congolese children. As always, God had a plan. But, even as we were finalizing our Congo adoptions, we still felt a little one calling out, 

“Fight for me.” 

I was sitting in a Congolese hotel alone, dealing with the Congolese government, and navigating my new world with an infant and a 2 year old I had just met when my wife called asking me to pray about China. 

So I did. 

And we fought for him. After many “no’s” and many tears we still felt the Lord saying, “Fight for them.” 


"Ok, Lord. We are yours." What started out as a journey to bring one Chinese little boy with a minor, corrected heart condition into our home, turned into a battle to bring two children with serious and uncorrected heart conditions into our family. 

In November 2014, two years after praying for China while in Congo, I found myself traveling with my son and daughter to China to turn stranger names and faces on computer screens into my children, my responsibility. 

As a father, my heart was drawn to our children not because of their adorable photos, but because of their vulnerability, because of their need for a father. In Psalm 68:5 God says He will be a father to the fatherless and He chooses to do that through us. He has chosen to work through me in the lives of my children and out of love for Him and them I choose to say, 

"Ok, Lord. I am yours. Use me." 

Fast forward to March of 2015. As we prepared for Bea's first open heart surgery, we knew that God had brought this little girl into our life for a reason. We weren't anxious. We weren't afraid. We knew with confidence that He had brought us to this place. We knew that she was His and His will would be done. We had nothing to fear, even though we were well aware of the severity of what she was about to endure. 

After hours of surgery, I waited alone in the waiting room while my wife stayed home with the other children. 

And the Lord was with me. 

Finally, I was told that everything went well. Success. We were also told that I would get to see Bea in about 20 minutes. After an hour went by with no word, we began to be slightly concerned. After 2 hours, we were wondering if such delays were normal or had something unexpected gone wrong? 

As I found out what really happened in the surgery room that day, I realized that there are many others fighting for my little girl. The friends and family praying and providing logistical support, the surgeon and nurses that performed CPR and brought her back to life when her heart stopped were also fighting for Bea as she went into full cardiac arrest post-surgery. 

And the Lord was with Bea. 

“The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still." Exodus 14:14 

I thank God as her heavenly Father for saving my little girl that day and for giving me, her earthly father, the privilege to spend more time with her, to guide her, love her, hold her hand for as long as He allows. 

As I prepare to walk the road of open heart surgery again in the coming months, this time with Beck, I am not anxious. I am not afraid. I will fight for my son to live, knowing with confidence that the Lord has brought us to this place. He does all things with purpose and His will is perfect. 

How could I have known a year and a half ago when I boarded a plane to bring a little child left in the lobby of a hospital in the middle-of-nowhere, China into my heart and home that I would now be boarding a plane again with him to have one of the leading heart surgeons in the world operate on his broken heart? What a reminder of how great our God is! 

Both Bea and Beck's stories remain unfinished. Both have life saving surgeries yet to come. And both have hearts who ultimately need Jesus. As their daddy, I want to love and protect them. As their father, I want to direct their hearts and souls to their Father God, their Maker. He loves them far more than I ever could and perfectly He loves them. Although we pray their broken hearts will be fixed and they will live long lives here on earth, there is no greater prayer of mine than that their hearts, broken or corrected, will love the Lord their God and that He will save them for all eternity. 

On both accounts, I will fight for them. 


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