Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Day 22 - Noah Roberts

I feel like adoption has always been on my heart. God planted that seed a long time ago. We adopted our first son, Caleb, in 2003 from South Korea. This was our first time adopting and we were first time parents. It was character building to be given a baby you don't know and board a plane for 16 hours!

Shortly after Caleb was home I was pregnant with our second son, Nathan. And not too long after that came 3 more biological children…Caroline, Joshua and Jonathan. We actually thought about adoption several times during those years of biological children but every time we did, the timing seemed to be off. In April of 2014 we began our homestudy to adopt from China. In May, I saw a face on our agency's waiting list. We asked for her file and it was fairly outdated. She had TAPVC and it appeared to be unrepaired. It took forever, but we received an update and she actually had received surgery in Beijing to repair her heart when she was 18 months old.

In Feburary 2015, we brought home 2.5 year old Hannah Grace. Her repair was done very well and the heart baby we thought would need intervention actually hasn't needed a thing outside of normal check ups. She is quite possibly our healthiest child.

In Dec 2015, a sweet boy captured my heart on our agency's waiting list. He had been waiting a while and was due to go back to the shared list.

Noah’s needs were far greater than Hannah Grace's...single ventricle, TGA, pulmonary atresia, heterotaxy, dextrocardia and the list goes on. Honestly, I didn't really understand what all of that meant at the time and I think God sometimes lets us know what we need to at the moment. We said yes to Noah and actually said yes to our daughter Rachel (who has biliary atresia) as well. We encountered many delays in this adoption including a life threatening illness for my husband but finally, in September 2016, we brought home two, 2 year olds.

With a complex heart kiddo like Noah you kind of hold your breath until you get to that first cardiologist appointment.

They said Noah’s heart function was good and we would wait until he was 3 to do the next surgery. Over the last couple of months he has become more and more cyanotic as he is outgrowing his Glenn. It's hard to see him breathless after walking only 10 seconds. He recently had a cath where a coil and stent were placed but the Fontan surgery will likely be in April or May.

We had really hoped that he might be a candidate for a full repair and consulted with Boston but they said it was too risky. It's hard to take in the finality of only being able to do the palliation surgery. However, the flip side to that is that he is operable and we are grateful. God knew that Noah wouldn’t be able to be repaired and He is still good. The Lord knows the number of all of our days.

We have only had Noah as our son for 5 months. Noah has been battling his CHD since birth and had three surgeries in China…alone. Our journey with Noah has just begun and we are honored to walk this difficult road with him with both joy and hope whatever comes our way. I really dread him having to endure another open heart surgery but this time he will have his mama, daddy and 7 brothers and sisters by his side.


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