Friday, February 24, 2017

Day 24 - Josie

It was a Sunday morning. I am perpetually late to everything in my life, so having an extra 15 minutes before church with nothing to do...that my friends, may be the biggest miracle of this story. I decided to sit down and open my bible, because obviously my husband is a worship pastor and therefore, I am super spiritual (insert huge eye roll)... Psalm 90 is what I read. The gist of it—our days are short and we need God to show us how to live, so we can get to it. Immediately I knew... the next chapter of getting to it for our family was adoption. My husband Chuck and I had talked to our 3 daughters about it more than once, but the timing seemed uncertain. That morning God said, it's time. Side note: I later found out that that day was national adoption day and that Psalm 90 was the only one written by Moses, a man who God used in unbelievable ways...a man who was adopted. Just tiny smiles of affirmation.

Around that exact time there was another story happening across the world, in Nanjing, China. There were parents whose hearts were no doubt being wrecked. They had to make a choice to save their 3 month old daughter’s life... by saying goodbye. A little girl was left in a box with only a purple blanket and a walnut bracelet on her tiny wrist, (the walnut is a symbol meaning the love of the family) and a note that read:

“This child has CHD. We love her very much but we are very poor and her mother has bad cancer so we can’t care for her. We hope she will find a family who will love her and save her life.”

We now pray that her parents will know, somehow, some way. At the very moment they were writing a note in hopes that her life would be saved, God was already writing a story of hope and redemption for their precious baby girl. He was moving in the hearts of a family in Tennessee to make their family of 5 a family of 6, and to put her in a place to receive incredible medical care at Vanderbilt University.

We have been home with Josie for a month and already we can’t imagine what life was like before she was a part of it. She has had exceptional care already and her doctors have been phenomenal. Today we found out her open heart surgery date at Vanderbilt is a month from now...hope for a complete repair.

We are so honored to be a part of her beautiful story. There is no doubt that God uses stories about physical broken hearts to speak to what is universal to all of us…stories of broken hearts all across the world, in need of redemption. And just like Moses... and Josie... he is redeeming ours as well…and writing stories bigger than any of us can imagine on our own. Beauty from brokenness. Plain and simple.


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